Our simple solutions:

Payment processing software

A comprehensive point of sale system, available on all your devices.

From desktop to mobile, your POS doesn’t just cover your front desk but is available anywhere your customers are.

Customer Relationship Management

The relationship is key.

This CRM system uses a set of features to acquire new clients through multiple channels. From search, social media, promotional offers to targeted email campaigns you can customize your offerings not just to increase your client base but keep them coming back.

Membership Management

Manage your business.

The software covers all your bases and helps manage your daily operations. From attendance of members all the way to staff payroll and everything in between.

Available for all

Booking and Service Calendar.

Online booking software not only lets you manage trainers’ availability and class schedules from anywhere, it also lets your clients access the system and book what times work best for them.

How all the pieces of the platform work together

Point of Sale

Simple and easy to use as well as touch screen compatible.


Create individual sessions, products, services and packages including customized payment options.

Client Check-In

Checks clients in. View history, details and status at a glance.


Book and track appointments, classes and sessions, including client online booking.

Agreement / Contracts

Customize agreements, contracts, or membership with virtually unlimited billing options.

Goals and Preferences

Record client’s experience levels, goals and preferences for exercise and nutrition.

Health Screening

Includes Physical Readiness Form, Lifestyle and Medical Screenings, and more.

Resistance Programs

Build custom trackable programs, use suggestions and templates, and save favorites for use with other clients.

Progress Tracking

Graphically track weight loss and fitness goals and view client's rank in competitions.

Fitness Assessments

Body composition, strength, cardio, flexibility and functional assessments, plus digital posture analysis.

Nutritional System

Build custom trackable programs, use suggestions and templates, and save favorites for use with other clients.

We take all of your operations and administration and digitally integrate them into one seamless platform.